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The Effect of Too Much Oxytocin in Body

An overdose of anything is not healthy for the human body and the same goes for some important hormones. So in this case, have you ever thought about, what happens when you have too much oxytocin and the after effect of this will hurt you or not?

This very hormone is generally induced to reduce the labor pain or abortion, or it is used to take control of the bleeding at the time of childbirth. However, if the proportion of the same gets higher than the normal then the patient can feel differently and that results in too much friendliness even to strangers, exciting encounters and they often want to embrace someone which might go outside the social nature. This very thing is called, the Williams syndrome and it was depicted in a book called, ‘The boy who loved too much’.

The source of oxytocin

This very thing is produced in the region of the hypothalamus in the brain and it secretes from the pituitary gland and then meets with the bloodstream and this is when the reactions start to show up.

The effect of it

One of the well-known effects of this hormone is the contraction of the uterus and this causes the ejection of milk from the breasts, but still, it plays some other roles too. It affects the kidneys and that influences the water as the urine and the sodium in the bloodstream. On the other hand this ‘Love hormone’ is also responsible for several emotions and behavior’. To be exact oxytocin plays a major role with a mother with her infant but this interaction is more complex than the other human interactions. The people who suffer from autism their oxytocin do not respond to the brain cells and this is the reason they don’t feel the bonds.

benefits of oxytocin

Williams’s syndrome

This happens by the deletion of 26 genes and it affects the human body physically and emotionally too. This syndrome affects a child’s heart, and this happens because of the absence of genes and it makes the tissues inside the body all, stretchy. This also affects the digestive tract and this can lead to kidney stones. The Williams syndrome affected people usually have short nose, broad forehead and round full cheeks. This is what their outer part is shown but in the inside, they face problems regarding their brains and they behave differently than normal beings.

The ones are affected most

Williams’s syndrome has the effect of too much oxytocin in the body, and it has been seen mostly in young women, as they suffer from the 26 missing genes, and it can happen that they don’t even show any sign of friendliness. These patients, they need the utmost support from their family and friends, and maybe they will not be able to lead a normal life but the support will help them a lot.

Last not least, oxytocin hormone does not always affect the human body but it has its good sides too because the ability to comfort the other, being empathetic and feeling the closeness with others is also counts as an advantage.

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