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Myths about Indian food hard to believe

Indian Food Somerville, MA

Inclination towards Indian cuisine might bombard you with a series of myths or misconceptions hard to believe. A sense of mystification rules over Indian cuisine on what it is and what not. People believe that Indian food is hard to cook and people whose traces of origin are not in India might find it difficult to cook. Apart from this, there are various myths which have no relevance with the truth. Let us now explore some of the myths about Indian food.

Let us observe them-

Indian food is rich and oily

A good Indian food Somerville will have a different point of view. In Indian food, you can alter oil levels and richness as per your desires. The onus is on you to cook a dish with a single or 7 teaspoons of oil. On a particular day, you can add one masala or various masalas to your diet. There are a variety of cooking mechanisms like boiling or steaming where no oil is needed. In an Indian context, there are various ways to cook fruits and vegetables providing a wonderful taste without the use of oil.

Indian food rates high on a hot quotient

This is a serious myth. As all masalas are incorporated into Indian dishes, no way it can be termed as hot. Depending on the type of food you want, it is possible to alter the number of chilies. Surprisingly a majority of Indian dishes can be cooked without any hotness to them.

Indian food poses a challenge to cook

If you are a newbie, this might be the case through the same challenge appears with Italian or Chinese food. For a beginner, any new dish might be difficult to cook. Just like other cuisines, once you master the art of cooking it does go on to become easy. The key is to gain experience and enjoy while you cook food. Nearest Indian food has a lot of chefs who do a great job with cooking food.

good Indian food Somerville

Dieting becomes impossible with Indian food

This point holds no logic as Indian food is not unhealthy and while eating you cannot diet. A simple fact is lots of Indian foods are loaded with vital minerals or proteins providing a unique taste. Just include foods as part of your diet which has a health aspect attached to it.

Curry powder has a sonorous relation with Indian cuisine

An age-old saying goes that Indian food is a rich source of nutrition. In Indian cuisine, curry powder is one of the basic ingredients used.  A surprising aspect is most Indian households do not rely on curry powder at all; a mixture of spices would quench taste of family members. An important spice mix is a garam masala. It would be of considerable interest to you that simplest of Indian dishes can be cooked without any spice at all.

To know more in terms of Indian dishes log on to the internet. Chefs from worldwide showcase various dishes that they have to offer.

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