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moving to Australia from the UK | moving to australia from england

Best 10 Tips for moving to Australia from the UK

Australia, known by the world as a liberal and democratic nation that offers the combination of a warm climate and exotic landscapes rank among the most popular reasons why people choose to move to Australia. If you’re thinking of moving to Australia from England(UK), there are things about living in the so-called Land Down Under that you should know about. Right from the wildlife to the climate, it is vibrant, enlightening and ever so exciting. Australia is a place where no two people will have the same experience as they have these tremendous amounts of places and activities which makes each person have a unique experience.

Almost 90% of Australians live in cities, so it makes sense that they get most of the attention. Quality of life that Australia offers is a problematic measure to determine; many factors especially the living cost can affect an average person’s capacity to live like access to healthcare, political stability, infrastructures, etc.

The national language of Australia is English, but there are plenty of other languages, including a lot of Indigenous Australian languages. While the majority of the population speak English, it is a common problem faces by a lot of foreigners that they find it hard to adjust to the Australian accent.

moving to australia from england

Whether you are moving home, moving offices, employee or corporate relocation, fine arts and antiques or require storage, the main thing that we are concerned are about the expertise, knowledge, capability, and service to complete your move. Here are the ten best tips that could be handy in the shifting process.

1. Have a bank account

Make sure you have a proper functioning bank account even before you arrive at Australia. You can apply for the new account online even by sitting at your home address. You will need this handful because it’s always safe to carry cash virtually than physically.

2. Get yourself the Tax File Number

Always remember to get the TFN after you arrive at the destination country. It is a significant process because work is the primary reason for moving to Australia. The sooner you receive your Tax File Number; it is better for you! You cannot get paid without your TFN.

3. Cost of living

You know you are moving to a new and busy country where people dream of settling in. Prepare ahead with the cost of living and expenses so that it won’t appear as a sudden shock.

4. English fluency

Though the country has variant culture people residing, the majority of the population communicate via English, the popular language. Try to be familiar with the Australian accent that you have been practicing.

5. Rent a place in the starting

Always go for the rental living places than hurrying yourself to get your apartment. Things can be pretty unusual in new areas. You won’t know what living in Australia is like unless you’ve tried it. That’s why, instead of spending a lot of money on buying an expensive house, you should consider renting first. Renting also let you have a “test drive” before you finally get a hang out of it.

6. Get to know how the buying procedures work

It is evident that the property buying process will be different in Australia than in the UK. You need to research many smaller yet critical details on the buying process so that you do not end up losing a lot of money.

7. Look for potential jobs

Always make sure that you have some backbone or root that you can rely on in the new place. If you are moving in, look for a potential job before you arrive at the site. It helps you freak out less in case of crisis, and for the bonus point, it can boost up your confidence.

moving to australia from england

8. Don’t overpack

It’s true that it is exciting to live in a new place that too when it comes to Australia, you can’t hold up the cheers. You may overlook things can bring you a whole UK world with you. Make sure you don’t end up in that situation. Always have only the necessary stuff with you. This way you can open up your arms for new things and memories in your new place.

9. Have a backup plane (Just in case!)

You may be excited about the whole shifting idea, but it’s wise to have an alternative plan or two, as everything might not go as smoothly as you first expected. Things can end up upside down. As its rule of life, be ready to face the unexpected too. It can be as small as you cannot get into your desired job at Australia or your visa takes time then, or you get stuck up at the UK with the procedures so far and so forth.

10. Just go with the flow!!!

Irrespective of how much planning you do, things can only happen the way it was planned to be. Like the saying, “You can change what’s written in fate,” accept things as they come and try to be calm during failures and most importantly the best tip that could work at every day is enjoying each moment. Seize it, as you won’t get it back.
Hopefully, these tips will help you all a little to be clued up on Australian culture and have a better idea while you are moving to Australia from the UK. These tips have surely got something for everyone. The country is prominently best for people who enjoy decent coffee, barbecues, and free healthcare. Lastly, it is always excellent to have a company in the new unknown place. There will be plenty of people just like you who have just moved in and are as clueless as you are. Try to communicate and connect with people. Socializing will help you to know the mannerisms of the country quickly. You have done your part, rest, let the world take you!

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