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Expert’s Guide to Lighting Maintenance - The Sociology Library
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Expert’s Guide to Lighting Maintenance

LED Lighting Maintenance:

People can select LED lighting systems on the basis of how much they are willing to include in a budget. like another lighting, all high bay LED lighting systems to need time to time cleaning to clear out dirt and dust that accumulated in the fixtures or reflectors, especially if it is in a high-stress industrial environment. A LED system should also be tested regularly to check the level of its light output in comparison to the quantity of light is generated when it was first installed.

Apart from this basic maintenance, LEDs are usually not being repaired in the same manner as traditional lights. Instead, individual components in an LED high bay light reflector are usually removed and replaced when they experience a failure.

Maintenance and Repairs for LED Lights

LED lighting systems are a combination of different components and elements, each of these components is required to replace after a certain period of exceeded time of operation. The semiconductor circuitry in LED drivers will be more apt to fail if they are exposed to consistently high temperatures without the proper engineering and thermal management technology to withstand and dissipate the heat.

Some of the LED bulbs work more than 5 years old and still going strong. If your bulbs are blowing on a regular basis there may be something you need to worry about – maybe it caused due to the loose connections in lamp holders, or some faulty connections in the light switches, over-heating a bulb in a small confined space or anything else.

And this happens only due to the regular maintenance and repairs.

Why LED needs to get maintained:

LED High Bay Lights generally consume very low amounts of power. The statistics to look for while comparing the energy consumption of both the lighting solutions are called by particular terms which are: luminous efficacy or useful lumens.

LED Lighting Maintenance


These two items essentially describe the amount of light emitted per unit of power consumed by the bulb. Experience says that most LED lighting recycled projects result in a 60-75% improvement in the overall energy efficiency of the facility’s lighting. Depending on the existing lights and the particular Led high bay light installed, the savings could be more than 90%.

LED high bay light white lights are generally get replaced when the amount of light they generate is less than approx. 70% of the initial light output. A well-engineered LED lighting system will not drop to that level until after 50,000 hours, and in many cases up to 100,000 hours of continuous use.

To prevent problems, you can follow the below steps:

Group Relamping

Lamps should be replaced as a group at scheduled intervals of time, based on rated life, minimum acceptable lighting levels of the light.

Lamps, reflectors, and lenses should be cleaned regularly to make sure to get rid of dirt and dust. Be sure to follow the guidelines provided by the fixture and/or reflector manufacturer.


Additionally, to obtain normal and balance life and maximum efficiency from a LED light, LED high bay light reflector should regularly be checked for:

  • Lights frequent on and off
  • Discolouration of the heavy light
  • Slow-starting lights
  • Operative improperly lamps
  • Dust and dirt
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