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customer service phone number UK | Bye Bye Hackers
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Bye Bye Hackers

Cellphones have become a part of daily life and have a major part in our routine. So cyber attack via phones is something that most of us are worried about. As per statistics and data study,  the estimated cyber crimes as on 2018 is about $1 trillion. Of course, this is not a small number to be ignored. Taking some initiatives from our side will also be very helpful to tackle this problem. Apart from this, you might consider going to Norton customer service phone number UK for help.

How to get your phone protected?

Some important points to be remembered when it comes to PC security are given below,

Go in for the best

A lot of people buy mobile phones without considering things like safety as a matter. In that case, the safety of the details and phone is at stake. You must consider buying brands that constantly release update options ensuring the safety of your phone. Go in for buying phones of popular brands like Samsung, LG, etc. These service providers make it a point to release updates frequently. So the next time you purchase a mobile takes a look at its safety options also.

customer service phone number UK

Manage your passwords

Sometimes we tend to keep passwords like 123, 1234, 123456, etc. All these increase the risk. Coming up with unique and creative passwords is a difficult job on the other hand. So you can use the service of various devices in such a case. Having a strong password which involves alphabets, characters and numbers are mandatory. Some apps or service providers whom you can look up for help are Dashlane, LastPass and a list of others. Some apps also offer other features like VPN, identity and theft insurance and secure storage.

Turn off when not needed

More than half of the population has a habit of leaving their wifi, Bluetooth and other connection on. Still aware of the threats that exist in the current scenario we tend to take a little or no care in this aspect. Avoid these things to a very large extent.

Be careful about your apps

Apps act as a major tunnel directing a lot of viri to establish their kingdom on our phone. And the chances are even higher if you are a person who uses apps without considering its safety aspects. Make it a point that you go to the Google play store or Apple play store while installing your apps. Google has put in a lot of efforts in making play store a safer and reliable place for its users. And you can also increase the security even more by clicking play protect option.

Discard unnecessary apps

A lot of my friends have the habit of installing numerous apps and leaving it unused for months. If you have a similar issue then try to uninstall all that you don’t use.

These steps help you in protecting your phone from any virus attack or hacking. As technology improves, the problems which are a result of it increases as well. So we must prepare ourselves to protect it and dodge any attack. Or otherwise, you can just go for Norton customer service phone number UK.

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